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I wanted to share my 5 gallon rimless hex tank with all of you on TPT. If you'd like to see the beginning feel free to see the link below.

Bcarl's 5 Gal. Hex Rimless Build - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community

Anyways here is the most up to date info. This tank is about 5 months old. It started very low tech, meant to be a low maintenance shrimp tank. Since breaking down my larger tanks temporarily I moved my Co2 tank and an additional light onto the tank making it pretty high tech but mediumish light. Here are the current details:

S. Repens
Pogo Erectus
A. Bonsai
AR Mini
A few buces (Brownie and one other kind)

Red cherries
Tiger shrimp


Finnex Stingray clip on
Current Sat + (or BML dimmed as low as possible)
Aquaclear 30
Brightwell substrate

Here are the two most recent pictures! Enjoy

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