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bba wht wont you go away

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i have had bba in my tank for about 6 months, i must of spent 100 pound on treatment,its the short hair fuzzy black stuff,i wipe all the stuff of the plants,as much as i can,use the treatment for 2 weeks,it seems like its all gone,and then a month on, it comes back,this time i have just got rid of 90 percent of the plants ,that i think might have bba on, and iv gone and brought 3 pack of esha protalon 707 algae treatment,iv tried this one before once and i think it is good,i was thinking of turning the uv light down to 4 hour a day, because im not bovered about the aver plants,do you think this will work or have you got any idears.........i have just brought 3 dicus fish that cost a lot of money you dont think turning the lights down to 4 hours a day will stress them out do you ,because tthe lights will be like it for 6 weeks to try to get ride of it:icon_cry: l​
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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