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BBA survey

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So looking around and doing some reading and talking to fellow board members I want to get together a little data on people who have BBA in their tanks looking for the following info

Lighting height above substrate
Color temp of light 6500k, 10k etc
Co2 yes or no
Lighting period
Tank temp

Photo of drop checker if applicable
And how extensive is the coverage

My tank for example
4x80Watt t5ho
Roughly 24"above substrate
2x 6500 / 2x 10k
Co2 injection
8 hours, two bulbs at a time with a 1hr period with all 4
82 degrees

No checker picture, minimal coverage very little on plant life clumps on driftwood

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I have BBA on one piece of driftwood in my 125g tank, but not on the other piece that is so close they touch. None on anything else. The driftwood pieces are two different kinds of wood, and I'm convinced that has something to do with it - there is something about that wood that encouraged that growth of the BBA.

It isn't much, a few dots that range from pinhead to 1/2 a marble, and the amount changes constantly. Nearly disappears, comes back, fades away, etc.

tank is 125g, 72"L x 22" T x 18" D

Lighting = one 48" diamond plate Home Depot shop light with two T8 bulbs, 6500 & 6700

Lighting height above substrate = sits on top of my versa glass tops, so about 22". The center of the BBA area is 7" - 8" from the bulbs.

Color temp of light 6500k, 10k etc = one 6500 and one 6700

Co2 yes or no = no

Lighting period = usually 4:30 pm until 10 pm, when I get home from work. Next week I'll start working from 1 to 10 pm, so the light period will change to 12 noon to 11:00 or so. I don't have a timer & will have to turn the lights on before I leave.

Tank temp = 76-ish in winter, up to 84 in summer.

Photo of drop checker if applicable = N/A

And how extensive is the coverage = A spattering of various sized dots on the extreme upper left area of one piece of driftwood (not the right), perhaps with an 8" radius. Found on surfaces that get light and don't get direct light (the underside of the wood) This part of the wood is also within 7" of the outflow of a Marineland Emperor 400 HOB. perhaps the current & it's oxygen feed it? Other parts of the dw just as close to the light don't have any BBA...

I will add that this had been in the tank for months. Since it hasn't spread and stays confined to small dots on the wood, I leave it be. I don't mind how it looks and sometimes my ramshorns look like they might be eating some of it. (or they are eating around it - I can't tell)
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I got BBA. But it probably hitchhiked from another tank.

125 gallon

lighting: t8 shoplight 2 bulb ~6 inches from top of tank. Daylight bulbs
period 8AM-6PM
co2=yes; on 6AM off 5PM
Cerges reactor

2x2217 eheim filtration
1x koralia 750 for flow


modified EI dosing

low light plants (crypt wendtii, dwarf sag) ludwigia in back.

tufts here and there. I think it has have stopped appearing since construction of new regulator setup (thanks oldpunk78). Gonna get most out at tonite's water change. Mostly on wood. And Anubias Augustifolia. Not even 12 "tufts".


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55g 48x12x18
48" Dual T5HO fixture suspended, 6700k & 10k, new bulbs
Light approx 28" from substrate
Photoperiod 8 hours
Injected CO2 with pH controller
Drop checker yellowish/green
Ph 6.5-6.7
Temp 78F
Dry dose fertilizers; Macros and Micros
Trimming plants at least once a week

Small tufts growing on substrate. Seems to be on side that gets direct light.
I use aquatic long tweezers to pick out the rocks it moors on. 10 tiny tufts at the most here and there weekly if that. Very very minimal on plants. Knock on wood. But I have noticed BBA likes to moor on older lower leaves that are shaded. Basically weakened leaves. Mainly my Wisteria.

Did have small black dots starting on few older leaves of my Red Melon Sword which I cut off.

Had little on canister spraybar around the holes, interesting, but Excel took care of that

Hope this helps.

I've had to increase fertz these last few weeks due to low nutrient signs and increase CO2 a tad. Plants are growing like weeds!
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You'll find that BBa will grow in any condition once they take hold. They usually start from introduction, water movement, and low co2.

I got rid of mine by fixing the conditions, squirting excel directly on the BBa every week and trimming.
I have a75 gallon.with 4 t5ho bulbs two 6700k, two 10k.i was running the 6700k from 11am-9pm with the 10k kicking on at 1pm-7pm. Lights at 22-23 off of the substrate.Dosing api plant food once a week and api co2 booster every day.also have a couple root tabs in.and 80lbs of eco complete.i have knocked out the 10k bulbs completely for a little bit stop theplant food .and going to try the excel directly on the bbs spots.
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