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BBA on some rocks and HC!

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I got some BBA on some rocks and was abl to scrub it off a couple days ago. It didn't seem to come back that much. I then found out there was some on my HC. I mowed the HC and today there seems to be more BBA.

I've been dosing with 1 capful of excel everyday on my 17 gallon. The light is on about 7 hours a day. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
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In my observation, it took a 3x dose of Excel about 8 days to turn the BBA red (which evidently indicates it's dying). Once the BBA is dead/dying, the shrimp/snails make quick work of eating it.

Then, the BBA comes right back!

To avoid it, you can follow some of the many techniques that people advise such as:

- add lots of CO2
- prevent CO2 fluctuation
- ensure that you lots of really good circulation!
- be sure that plants are healthy and nutrients, able to outgrow algae
- reduce light cycle

You can also spot treat the algae with H202 or Excel, which really works well and would probably kill the BBA on the rocks in one go. Very tough to get it out!
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Thanks for all the info. I spot treated a lot of the algae after a waterchange yesterday. Most of the BBA seems to have turned red which is a good sign.
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