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BBA (Black Beard Algae) and HC ( Dwarf Baby Tears)

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Just a quick question about ridding my tank of BBA.

I recently let my co2 tank go empty and remain that way for a week and developed a little bit of BBA on my HC. I plan on turning off my filtration and spot treating the BBA. Should I use H202 or excel? My HC isn't really damaged yet from the BBA so I want to do as little damage as possible when treating. It was a long process of growing my HC carpet.

Thank you for any help

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So I went ahead and treated anyway.

I decided to go with H.Peroxide with filtration on so it didn't rest too long in my HC. I spot treated every sign of BBA I could see and I see some progress, but the filtration didn't let the peroxide work long enough. All my HC went unharmed though, and that was the point. I used 30ml of H202 total.

I did a 50% water change after treating so I can treat again tomorrow. I think I will try 10ml of excel with filtration off tomorrow and then rotate back to H202 with filtration on the day after. Rinse and repeat till BBA gone.

My 200 or so shrimp in this tank seemed to like the h202 as it made the BBA edible for them. Even my Amano seemed to play in the h202 bubbles.

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I had a bad case of BBA, no co2, pre using excel. When I got my excel it all died and went away. i never turned off the filter.

Recently I started running low on excel and the nasty little buggers are trying to start up again, but I'm sure my excel treatments and water changes will clean it up like last time.
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