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BBA and wood?

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If you ever get bba on a nice piece of wood what is an effective method of totally eradicating it?

Last tear down I scrubbed down one of my older pieces with a stiff cleaning brush. Scrubbed out some soft spots till it looked like new.

It's my own fault I left the CO2 off for a couple of days and it's back.

It would be nice to shelve it for a time dry, but how long can this stuff stay dormant?
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You can soak the wood in a solution of Flourish excel, or use the 20:1 water to bleach method on it, then scrub it with a toothbrush, and rinse it very well.
just scrub it off?
what's the big aversion to BBA? It's not harmful to anything.
just scrub it off?
what's the big aversion to BBA? It's not harmful to anything.
Spreading to adjacent plants for one. It is to my blood pressure. :angryfire

Kidding of course.

Bleach may be a little harsh on wood and the chance of not removing it all soaking it worries me.

The magic juice Excel is tempting but I tend not to have so much time to be spot dosing. Whole tank treatments turned into a crutch for me. Once I stopped it always came back. I've bee trying to pump in more CO2 but my reactor ain't taking it well.

I may try a hydrogen peroxide bath followed by a nice hot summer of exposure.... Just on this one piece as an experiment.
Probably still a little on the harsh side.
For me, I think every single peice of wood I've used in the aquarium has ended up with BBA on it. I just let it do it's thing, just try to keep the co2 up.
I've scrubbed the living daylights out of my driftwood a bazillion times in the past. I still get BBA on it years later. Not on anything else, either. I've turned my CO2 up so high I've almost killed my fish, no change in the BBA. I just chalk it up to being part of the idiosyncrasies of my tank.

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