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I picked up a Nerite snail last week. From what I can tell he is nocturnal. He doesn't move an inch during the day but every morning when I come into work he's moved.

The weird part is that during the day he is sleeping on the ceiling of my Spec 3 thank. Perhaps I need to call him Batsnail as he is always sleeping upside down.

I threw an algae wafer in the tank and in the morning you can see some nibbles taken out (only one snail) so I'm pretty sure he's venturing in the water at night.

I have a Betta and he doesn't seem to bother Batsnail but at the same point the snail is out of the water.

So questions:
1. Is this normal?
2. Is this healthy (it's humid up there with water condensing on roof)?
3. Should I pick him off and put him back in the water?

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