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barbs and plants

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I'm getting ready to set up my barb tank. This will be my first time keeping barbs, and I saw a comment (well, just one) that mentioned that cherry barbs eat up plants. Is that true?

It will be a 29g, lightly planted tank at first. I am planning on having low to medium light plants, not sure at the moment which types yet.
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Which barbs? Remember not to pick barb species larger than a tiger barb for that tank. Can't comment on the barb/plant issue, though.
Ive had both cherry and tiger barbs in a planted tank for about 4 months and they dont mess with the plants at all.
I have a tank with cherry and golden barbs they don't touch the plants at all.
I have cherry barbs right now and they dont eat my plants.

I had gold barbs and they did though, such a shame
Those were really pretty
Thanks for the replies. I've decided not to get tiger barbs, and instead cherry and gold barbs because their maximum size is a little smaller than tigers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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