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Banana Lily problem for a newbie

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Hi all :)
My first post! :D

I have two banana lilies planted in my tank next to each other in a corner. The roots are planted firmly in the substrate, but the banana bits are of course not. One of the plants has shown no sign of growth, but also no signs of sickness. The other one is growing like mad, sending shoots off every few days. I've actually managed to replant one of the lily pads after I trimmed it and it sent out roots. :) Very exciting for a total newbie like me. Sadly, the mother plant is showing signs of rot. The leaves turned transparent then sort of dissolved. It happens in patches all around the leaf. I've been seeing it on my lily pad too and I'm desperate to make it stop. Any advice?

My tank is extremely low-tech. I have normal commercial gravel, quite large stones. I really couldn't tell you how many watts my lightbulb is, though my tank is 5 gallons (I think - it was sold as a 6.6 gal but I suspect that was a lie). I dose daily with 0.625 mls of Flourish Excel. I have one betta, but lately there has been a problem with ramshorns that I suspect hitched a lift on my dwarf hairgrass. I also have java moss, Amazon Sword and anubias, none of which are showing this sort of problem.

Please please help me, I love my plants and I really want my first tank to be a success. I have Flourish, Flourish Iron and Flourish Phosphorous on the way, but the shop has to order them in for me so they won't be arriving super soon. I'm using TetraFloraPride til then but with no noticeable results.

All help is appreciated so much. :)
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i have similar problem. i have a 40 gallon low mid tech,with alot of differant plants. many of my so called hard to grow plants do great, but plants that are supposed to be super easy drop in plants dont live at all. i have killed many of those. recently took one on its last leg and dropped it in my sons 10g blue gravel,plastic plant,no tech tank and its growing well. got me?
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