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When I first purchased my bamboo shrimp, I was concerned that my tank was fairly new. Since they are filter feeders, I had been diligently spot feeding them, since the tank needs to establish its microorganisms for them to properly feed. I scoured the internet for a better way, but had little information to go on, other than "buy microorganisms and spot feed."


I also put cucumber slices in the bottom of my tank for my apple snail, and my bamboo shrimp went to TOWN on it. They LOVE these things. Does anyone else do this? I didn't think it was possible for them to eat an entire cucumber slice, but apparently, they can and will, very happily. They do fan now that the tank is older, but if I put cucumber in, they'll stop what they're doing and go for it.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? This makes things so much easier!
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