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bamboo shrimp and feeding

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I have two bamboo shrimp. Usually they just hang about on one of the pieces of wood near the surface by the filter flow. When I feed my fish I scrumple the flakes up tiny so that they float down a bit and the shrimp eat these.

but recently I have noticed they are picking around in the substrate and on the moss for food. I read somewhere that they do this when theres not enough food in the water stream? if this is correct, is there any way of supplying them with more food in the flow of water that they can collect?
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You can try growing some green water algae for them but if they can't keep up with it you could get a tank full of it. You can also try Mosura Shrimpton which is a artificial planktonic food. I don't know if enough of it will stay suspended in the water column for them through.

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I would get algae wafers for mine and pulverize them. Then I slowly let that powder go into the stream from in filter output when the shrimp was out fanning. Seemed to keep them happy.

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