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Bamboo/flower shrimp

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Hey guys I am looking at some different stocking options for my 55 gallon "shrimptopia" build and am curious if I can keep 1 or 2 flower/bamboo shrimp with my planed 6 amano's and my planed Crs colony. Also will obet cross with crystals?

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yes and i believe yes :)

For variety reasons, i also added a vampire (african) shrimp who also is a filter feeder. awesome little guy!

an established tank with current is a must.
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always got to have a couple of each.:):D

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Heh I like having a variety as well. All peaceful too.
Amanos can be semi to very aggressive with other shrimp. Bamboo shrimp are very laid back and finicky so be careful with putting these two species together. I recommend keeping a group of bamboos. They always seem to be in one big group.
Thanks for the input guys. I am just looking for some varity. I know the amanos do great with CRS at least there seemed to be no problems when I had them in my tank before. And would really like to use shrimp that are about 2 inches or so. Also whats the life expectancy of the amano shrimp as I have had one for about 5 years now.

I have 12 amano, 2 bamboo, 2 vampire and 4 ghost shrimp.....not to mention more RCS than I can count. They all live great together and none of my fish or plecos bother any of them. The only thing I will say is that if there are hiding places or a large driftwood you will barely ever see the vampire shrimp. They don't "walk around" the tank like the other shrimp do.
That is true about vampires. but there's something to be said about shrimp that wave kitchen mitts around catching food. I just love seeing that, more so on the vampires than the bamboos.
My vampire hides under my driftwood and has burrowed into the substrate. It's really cool seeing them upside down feeding.
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