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Bad luck with glo fish

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I had 1 albino frog, 1 pleco, 4 glo fish, 2 red eye tetra's, 1 panda catfish in a 30 gal tank.

I recently added 3 more glo fish to have them school better.

I had a friend that gave me 1 gold barb, 1 rosey barb, 2 male odessa barb.

I noticed that one of the odessa barbs was nipping at the other fish but i figured it was because the tank he came from was an aggressive tank.

I left for work and when i got home 2 of the smaller glo fish are completely gone. Nothing in the filter or anywhere in the tank.

Would an odessa barb eat another fish?
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check on the floor. the danio 'glo-fish' can jump.

male barbs without females around can be aggressive.
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