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Bacterial Hemorrhagic Septicemia

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So, an entire population of danios went poof on me and the signs all pointed to bacterial septicemia. I had gotten some new fish shipped to me, and didn't QT for long enough :/

My cories seem to be doing ok *knock on wood*. I have inverts in this tank, too, and they are all fine. Because of the inverts, I decided I couldn't treat the tank, and I lost all the danios within three days.

Question is this:

After this kills off the fish, is is still contagious? Or is this strictly passed from fish to fish? I'd like to get more fish at some point, but is this one of those things where if I don't do a tear down and disinfect everything I will just be passing it on to the new fish? Or is it self limiting?

TIA for any replies.