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I put a new, tap rinsed purigen bag in my AIO filter stack and literally instantly my tank was cloudy. I doubt it's the purigen but I'm wondering what's going on.

I have an established tank (~1 year) and did a routine water change this morning. This afternoon purigen showed up from amazon. The outer bag was split open with purigen everywhere but the inner bag looked intact. I rinsed it under the tap and shoved it in my filter under my course/fine filter pad, above one of my caches of seachem matrix.

IMPORTANT PART: When pushing the media basket back in the back of the tank, I was dumb and displaced water everywhere, including into the front of the tank. So conclusion is there was a bacterial bloom in the back section of my tank and I spilled it over. But when I do my water changes I always pour from a bucket quickly into the back section until it flows into the main tank section so anything going on in there should have appeared in the tank this morning.

How quick are these blooms? I'm so confused.

Tank: Fluval Flex 9 gal with an InTank media basket which stacks course/fine filter pad, newish seachem matrix, original fluval rings. There is a chamber after this that has more newish matrix.

Water Params: Ammonia & Nitrite @ 0, Nitrate @~20.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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