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Bacter AE vs. Powdered Foods?

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I was given a box of shrimp food products that have overwhelmed me with choices. There are several powdered foods for baby shrimps as well as Bacter AE (which is also a powder).

Will the Bacter AE replace powdered foods for babies? I assume the powdered foods have ingredients that bio-film lacks?

Since I have so many different kinds of foods I am tempted to mix them all together. By the time I finish a product the others will likely be far outdated! I have seen people make a "shrimp cocktail" with multiple foods and a turkey baster but that needs to be prepared each time you feed as food suspended in water will go bad quickly. What do you think about a gelatin food? I have made a snail jello recipe before and the shrimps always go nuts for it. I could take all my shrimp pellet foods and crush them into a powder, then mix that with my already powdered foods and gelatize it...without adding the Bacter AE and I can add the Bacter AE manually when I feed the gallatin food? I figure the ratio of Bacter AE will need to be changed based on any aesthetic outbreaks in bio-film.

I have the following foods I can make this galatin food with, ensuring each shrimp gets an extremely diverse diet with every meal:

Mosura Brood Care
Glas Garten Shrimp Dinner
Glas Garten Shrimp Baby (powder)
Zebulon Shrimp Treasure (powder)
Zebulon Shrimp Pellet Food
Zebulon Meticulous Snowflake
CSF Pure Mineral
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