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Bacopa monnieri the same as Bacopa monnieri 'compact' ?

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Hello All,

Is Bacopa monnieri the same as Bacopa monnieri 'compact'?

Tropica has it listed as 'compact', I'm just wondering if this is 2 different plants or the same one.

Side question:

If this is in fact the same plant, I have seen a few other plants with the same thing, such as Hygro compact. If this is fact the same, does this rule apply across the board for aquatic plants?

Thanks as always for the help! I'm just trying to step up my plant knowledge!!!
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I have seen several species that can have a tall version and a short version ie hygro corymbosa has a compact version and a regular version, altelanthera reinckii has a compact and a regular version, sagittaria has a dwarf version and a regular version but I have never in my life seen or heard about bacopa having any type of dwarf/compact/short version. if in fact this is a dwarf bacopa monneri, please grow a ton and sell me some. I love the stuff but it gets so tall and takes up so much water column space in my tanks that I stopped using it
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