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Bacopa in a Fluval Spec 3

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I have a bare spot behind some driftwood in my Fluval Spec 3 that needs something. It gets full light and is in a maybe 3" x 3" square with about 2" of substrate. I'm looking for something to go in this space and only grow vertical.

I currently have Anubias and Staurogyne Repens. I like their oval leaves and I'd like something similar. I'm leaning towards some form of Bacopa. Sadly I'm limited to Petsmart and Petco plants. The LFS I frequent for lots of things is either always out of plants or they are in poor shape.

So a few questions.

1. Could Bacopa grow in Fluval Spec 3 light? If it grows taller more than wide in low light the better.

2. Any other plants I'm missing that would fit my needs?


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I've had Bacopa Monnieri in my tank for a while. I love the look of it, It's a great contrast to most other aquatic plants. It does grow straight up, with a few "branches" but they also head straight for the surface. 2 Plants in that space would look good. Although, it's easy to propagate so if you have the patience, one plant would do. I was growing it in less than 2wpg and it did fine. Now it's in 3.5wpg with pressurized Co2 and it grows fast, and even pearls a little under the leaves. Hope this helps.
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