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Bacopa Caroliniana? And Anachris?

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Looking for personal experince. How fast does this plant grow and under what conditions? I have done alot of research and some places say fast others say slow. So how does it grow for you? Should I get Bacopa Caroliniana or Anacharis?
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Anacharis will grow extremely fast. In my experience, Bacopa tends to grow a little slower, but still relatively quickly.
Both are fast growers IME, but nothing can keep up with Anacharis.
soil substrate, ei dosing, pressurized co2, and a high level of light and both of these grow inches a day.

But i never could get anacharis to grow in plain gravel.
Both a relatively hard to kill. In a high tech youll be busy trimming it and in a low youll be barely keeping it alive. Good medium plants.
Thanks the info has been very helpful. If anyone else has experience with these 2 pleasse post it here. I am still interested to hear some more input. I am using Excell for carbon and seachem ferts with ecocomplete substrate with Root Medic root caps my lighting is lower end of medium.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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