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i'm planning a vivarium based on the suburban backyard. it'll be 20gal with basic soil. the back ground will be lattice with ivy. i want a spigot glued to the glass over a dog water bowl (chrome, i think). one day i might plumb this. i have a split 3" terra cotta pipe, like a gutter outlet, which will likely be a toad house (i always found toads there as a kid). otherwise, some broken bricks, with plants growing from the holes.

now, i'm still considering the groundcover. i could use Selaginella, but i'm also considering bugleweed - especially if i can get it to look like this -

no way will real grass grow, it'd take too much light.

other than the toad, i'll go with either a blue tailed skink or a couple of anoles. a garter snake is possible, too - i could drop goldfish in the water bowl for it to eat.

so, thoughts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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