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Background recommendation

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Have a 40b with current satellite+ and dosing excel and some ferts. No CO2 and not EI. My water sprite and wisteria are doing well. But other background plants such as Bacopa monnieri and cabomba not so much. Cabomba keeps falling apart although it looks healthy and the bacopa just shriveling away.

What are some other reliable background plants that will not overtake the tank but grow reasonably well in low tech setting?
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Cabomba is a bit sensitive to excel, so are vals, not sure about bacopa.

What I did with my sensitive plants, is slowly start increasing the dose, every day to where I wanted it, and then, kept dosing at that level consistently, daily. That should prevent melting if its the result of excel.

Also what temp are you keeping the tank at?
Temp is 78. I did have Italian Vals but they were the only plants getting hair algae so had to remove them. Replaced with Cyprus helferi. Excel dosing was originally slowly ramped up because I have a few shrimp.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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