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Background plants for nano tank?

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I am looking for some background stem plants for my 2 spec V tanks. Both tanks are on the high end of medium light. ! has pressurised CO2 with Pps pro ferts. Other gets excel and root tabs. I would appreciate any suggestions for background plants.
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You looking for leafy or grassy?

I'm a big fan of blyxa japonica, it's technically a stem plant but looks grassy and can develop a slight rusty color if the lighting and other conditions are right.

Leafy stuff could be some ludwigia species, there's some small ones like "super red" I believe it's one that has smaller leaf shapes (and of course is a deep crimson if conditions are right). There are other ludwigia species though with very large leaves like the repens species that probably would be too much for a small tank. Bacopa species are good as well. AR mini is nice too, easy to grow (though maybe more of a midground). Crypts can easily become background plants in shorter tanks, and would be better suited to the lower tech tank. Hygrophila compacta is another.

There are probably some others I'm forgetting. I've been out of the game for about 6 months now so I can't quite remember everything...

Hope that helps.
Maybe eleocharis xingu, it has nice long leaves, but it's like a needle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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