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I'm looking for some suggestions on some background plants. I have a 58G tank, so it's 36" wide, 18" deep, and about 18" tall (above the substrate). I have about 2.8WPG, CO2, and do EI, so I can grow most stuff without a major problem. I have a black background taped behind the tank so you can't see the white wall behind it. I'd like to find some effective background plants that can show off some of my other plants. Right now I have stands of L. aromatica and P. stellata "broadleaf" that are growing great, but their dark colors are lost in the black background. I'm thinking that a sheet of green behind them would really set them off.

I have Hygrophila angustfolio against one part of the back, and although it looks good it takes constant trimming so I hesitate building a wall of that. I also have a Giant Hygro stuck in one of the corners, and it too needs to be yanked and replanted about every 3-4 weeks. Both of those plants begin to break up the black background, but only in a portion of the tank. I'm considering crypt balansae, or something like that as a possibility. I'd like to avoid things like giant Vals which are going to hang over the water surface.

Also, I'd like to get a bit creative as opposed to just putting up a wall of one kind of plant.

Your suggestions would be much appreciated, and any pictures you have of ideas would be awesome!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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