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Background crypt for a 5?

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Right now I've got a baby C. Balanese in the back of my 5 that I'm growing out, but that will eventually outgrow the tank. Are there other medium light crypts that I could keep in the tank long term? I've already got C. Lucens and C. Green Gecko in the tank, and I'd like to pretty much only stick with crypts, but I'll look at other plants as well. No vals though, I've never had good experiences with those in this tank (didn't grow tall where I wanted, spread uncontrollably and grew tall where I never wanted them to begin with).

I'd like something to at least reach the surface, and maybe arch across it a few inches as well. I don't need something that gets too unmanageable, just a nice tall easy plant that can mind its manners and isn't a val.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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