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Back in, this time with a 125 gallon

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So, my wife made the mistake of pointing out that a wall in our finished basement was perfect for a fish tank. Turns out it was perfect for a 125 gallon. So with that being said I need some advice.

7 years ago or so I had a high tech 29 gallon planted tank running, so I know a little bit, but the tech has certainly changed.

My goal with this tank is to shoot for low tech. I plan on achieving this by focusing on the Low to Low Medium PAR values for lights. 25-50 PAR range

I love the finnex products, especially the 24-7, but it seems that application won't work for my goals considering I would need multiple lights.

Should I focus on 2 x 36" lights, or go with a 3 x 24", or do I need to go with twice these amounts?

I would love your input and some recommendations.

For filtration I expect to need to run two canisters to achieve the flow needed (is 6-8 x the tank volume per hour still the rule of thumb?) I would probably shoot for Eheim as I had luck with them in the past.

Budget wise, I am looking for high value. I have no problem going up in price if the value is there. I like to buy it once and do it right to start.

Thanks! Can't wait to get back engrossed in this great hobby.
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The Fluval 2.0 may work for you if you get 2 of the 36-48 inch ones. The problem you have is the tanks is 18" deep and it's hard to get a light that will give you good coverage front to back. The Fluval uses 120 degree optics so it may work for you.
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