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Hello, my name is Steve, aka icegoalie32. I've been lurking here since August, so I thought it was time to become an active participant.

I had been keeping aquaria for several years with various levels of success from 1990 until about 2004. I was heavily into Cichlids, as well as the standard community tanks. I was even moderately successful at low tech planted aquariums. At one point, I had 7 tanks from 20 to 125 gallons. I can't remember precisely why I decided to exit the hobby, but I sold off all but 2 of my tanks. Those 2 tanks sat empty in an unused room until this summer.

I decided to get back into the hobby after a co-worker received a Betta in a plastic half gallon tub and didn't really know what to do with it. After watching the poor fish sit in that stagnant puddle for several weeks, I couldn't stand it any more. I purchased a Spec 2 and pretty much adopted it. That got me started again.

The bug has bitten pretty hard again, and I now find myself with 3 working aquariums and 1 in the planning stages. I have to thank everyone in this community for the mountain of information they have provided. Without this forum and the combined experience of the contributors, my journey back into the hobby would have certainly been frustrating and short lived.

Now my daughter has decided that she wants to have an aquarium of her own after seeing mine develop, so I have obviously passed the sickness along. Looking forward to more info and more assistance in the coming months, and I'll do my best to assist others that come into the fold.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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