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Hello there planted tank connoisseurs, I am picking up the planted tank hobby for the first time. My parents did enormous planted tanks when I was coming up, now I am fascinated and must try myself! I have also been lurking and reading here for a little over a month, top notch info here!

So without skipping a beat I was on craigslist, looking for what would be my 3rd tank in the house. I managed to find a 29 gallon that measures 24.5"hx24"wx12"d. This tank was OLD, circa 1980's, as the filter,heater, and random book where stamped 1981. Tank has been up for about a month, 3 weeks with plants and fish after it cycled.

The current setup is as follows: Marineland 200 hob, fluval M100 heater, aqueon dual T5 fixture with one 6700k and one "show" bulb you could call it, both running at 14w. There is also a single GE aquarium specific T8 I'm running in the light fixture that it came with, all on top of a glass cover. I am running a substrate composed of 1 bag of Caribsea Floramax, with a little sand and some natural, larger gravel.

Now for the plants! I put 1x waterlily, 1x water onion, 2x aponogeton bulbs in, along with 3x wisteria, and 3x amazon swords, all growing decently at the moment. Started using Flourish excel about a week ago, and Regular flourish 2 days ago, dosing according to the labels.

Now I have Brown Diatom madness which oddly occured less than a day after putting the regular flourish in. After reading this: I am going to wait it out and see what happens. Is this truly normal? Thanks in advance guys and gals, and I hope to be a contributor here after awhile!

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