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Back here to PT and I'm Excited!

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Hello everybody,

Lets see if anyone remembers me. I havented been posting on this side since last year because by that time my 10gallon Planted tank was doing amazing. I never had to dose anything, I never got one bit of algae, and my plants and fish are growing and thriving.
But the biggest reason I havent been on here is because I was making a saltwater reef tank. It is a 10g with 7 different types of coral, a lot of algae, and a peppermint shrimp. Now that that tank is under control I've been wanting to switch back to freshwater and make a tank bigger than I've had before.

I will make a new thread about that but pretty much I'm just saying that even the thought of being back at Planted Tank and making a Planted tank makes me really excited because of all the wonderful and helpful people here.

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Welcome back to you. mlpzaq52 too. :flick:
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