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Back after a long Hiatus

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Hi everyone!

I joined probably a year+ ago now, and ended up failing miserably with my 10 gallon. Plants loved it, fish, not so much. I ended up taking it all down and reevaluating. Got a 20g, started off with a couple dojo loaches, some live plants and a lot more reading material.

Now my 20g is fully stocked and nicely planted (and I'm working on curing a second piece of driftwood to have moss covered) I also restarted the 10 gallon and turned it into a betta sorority tank. I've got three girls in that one, although it is artificially planted, and doesn't look as nice IMO as the 20. It's been running well for a couple months now.

Now that I've gotten myself a bit better educated, and not quite as overwhelmed, I'm really looking forward to diving back into the community and sharing pics and knowledge with you folks :D

- Jbyrd
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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