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I set up a 5 gallon nano high tech plant a few months ago. This was my first planted high tech tank and it was planned as more of an experiment so I could learn what worked and what didn't', and use the plants from there in other tanks. I finally put some fish in as it was so lush in there I thought they would be happy. At my LFS they had some Nathan's Lampeye Killifish, which I had never seen before and thought were neat. They said they schooled and 5 in 5 gallons would be good. Put them in and they hid a lot. They did not school but fought. Over a few weeks 3 disappeared. I was worried I had some horrible infection in the tank. Yesterday was feeding the fish early on my way out the door and noticed something tiny at the top in the duckweed. It was a baby fish! So cute, but just the one I think. I had changed the water last week by just scooping out water to also get rid of some duckweed and now I worry I might have thrown out a bunch of babies. I also wonder if maybe the adult fish loss was due to an aggressive breeding pair. So much drama in such a small space.
I macerated some flake food in a plastic bag till it was powder, put that on top and the little guy ate some, so hopefully he will keep surviving. He even has little tiny lampeyes.
Does anyone know anything about these fish? Do they breed like killifish in floating stuff? Are they killifish? Should I feel bad about not taking babies out of the tank as I have no where to put them? Cheers
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