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Baby Whale Fish

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I'm wondering if anyone has any information about or knows where to find a fish known as the "Baby Whale Fish" or "Elephant Fish". I've found very little information about these fish on the internet. I'm particularly interested in this species- Mormyrus isidori. From what I've found, they don't usually grow to more than 3.5 inches. Apparently they are an unusually intelligent fish, with a brain to body size ratio very similar to that of humans. The species that I noted above is the smallest species that I could find, but if anyone knows of a smaller species I'd like to hear about it. I just recently heard about these fish and I was surprised by the lack of information relating to them, as they seem very interesting.



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I buy a lot when I go to the store and can keep them for months in the fridge as long as I change the water every few days. Also after a while im sure you could train the fish to accept frozen bloodworms instead of live blackworms. Thats what I was able to do with my scarlet badi and dwarf puffer (both fish generally are said to only eat live food)
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