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Well, today on the way out of work, I decided to get a fish tank. Total time between deciding to buy it to having it set up on my desk: 1 hour, 18 minutes.

It's an Aqueon Evolve 4 gallon, with its built-in filter and pump. I had to cut a lot of holes in the pump hose, even with it set to its lowest setting, because it was blasting out so much water.

I'm probably going to replace (or supplement) the LED with something more powerful (Micro Sun, maybe?) when I can.


Blue/white beta - has one blue eye, one blind white eye. Lots of personality :)
2x Assassin Snails
5x Endler/guppies

...stuff that I pulled from another tank. It's a wendete or bronze crypt. I duno :x Also dwarf baby tears
And... thats it! Pictures after the break
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