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Baby shrimp...

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are they big enough to see with the naked eye?

Newborn ones, I mean.
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Barely. They're about ~ big, and transparent, and very good at hiding...
Oh... so they could be right in front of my face unnoticed. Hope I haven't sucked any out with partial water changes, or while pruning plants. LOL!
I generally like to shake any plants I pluck out before they leave the aquarium. Just to shake off any possible baby shrimp that gets stuck in there. I also leave pruned plants inside tubs of water located in the house. I often find shrimp in there 1 month later, growing and grazing on whatever is in there. I once found a rather large amano in my tub. I'm not sure how the hell I missed a HUGE amano shrimp but... I did. Luckily though, throwing plants away inside a water tub gives them a second chance to be rescued.
Guess I should start doing the same thing. Trying to be safe for the local environment I put any trimmings from my plants in the garbage thinking that they'd be good and dead before the trash gets collected... (I used to flush em...)
flush trimmings? lol you must be good friends with the plumber ...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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