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Baby CRS

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Here is a photo of a Baby CRS on Java Moss, I guess it is about 2 weeks old by it's size. There are smaller ones in the tank newly hatched, but they stay out of site for a bit until feeling brave enough to venture out. Just a cute photo that really shows how tiny they are...

A bit closer...

Cheers, Bill
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I love the look of baby CRS. They look like tiny little candy cane specks sprinkled threw out the aquarium. (Maybe I am just in the Christmas spirit to much!)
Thanks, and you know my Java Moss does look like it has a bunch of little candy canes hanging in it! :hihi:

Congrats on the babies, I should have some coming any day now, one of the berried Black Diamonds has a saddle as well as eggs so hopefully they'll be hatching soon:thumbsup:

Blue Ramshorn? ... me jealous.
Looks more clear/ivory to me.:(

Hi Andrew and All,

The snails are indeed Blue Ramshorn, but they are spotted and clearish like that as Juveniles. A really cool snail as well. As they grow the blue becomes more intense... The one in the baby shrimp photo is actually very small and not coloring up yet.

Spypet, They are over running all my tanks and when the weather warms I'll more than likely be offering some.

Cheers, Bill
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