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Baby Brine Shrimp

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anyone know where i can get some locally?
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Best is to hatch them yourself. Never seen any live one for sale locally, they lose their nutritional value after 24-48hrs after hatch as they consumed their own yolk sac I think. If this is not for fish fry, get the frozen one.

For discus you should setup 2 hatcheries from liter soda bottles, salt and an air stone. Pretty easy to have a constant supply of bbs for the fry. Google for videos on how-to.
I received a recommendation for Instant Baby Brine Shrimp the other day. It sounds great and keeps in the fridge for about a month. Here is a YouTube of the product.
At the petland discount on 23rd & 8th, they usually have them. My betta go so fat after an entire feeding (i thought he would stop at a certain point).
Fish town or most petland discount.
If you decide to get them from pet land discounts, find out which are the shipment days and pick up then. I used to pick up live food twice a week when they are the freshest.
they have the eggs at aqua star and I know they have them live at Win's in chinatown
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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