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B. Auberti and excel

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Has anyone had their b. auberti melt due to excel? My mosses were starting to get some thread algae, so I started to do spot treatments of excel to rid myself of it. Within a week and a half of this my blyxa went from full and flowering, to a melted shredded mess. It might have been from something else, but I'm at a loss.
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I've never had this plant but it seems very possible to me. A lot of the softer green plants don't like excel.
I saw someone do a black out and slight Excel overdose treatment on an aquarium that featured Blyxa aubertii. The Blyxa aubertii melted on him.

I'd add this to his experience as well as Steven's observations on softer green plants and say that there is a more than strong possibility that the Excel damaged your Blyxa aubertii.

Thanks guys. Do you think I should cut all the leaves off down to the crown, or just let it take care of itself?
The Blyxa aubertii leaves are kind of thin, almost see through. The whole plant has always struck me as being far more delicate than Blyxa japonica.

So, should I cut all the leaves off or leave them?
I was doing some looking around on and they stated that this plant is in fact sensitive to excel.
Flourish Excel also affects Dwarf Riccia which dies off quickly. Avoid using Excel in overdose form with this plant. I also suspect Excel has some sort of build up potential in a tank - meaning that moderate dosing can lead to a build up by the end of the week. Roy, explain more about Phyton Git please.
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