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azurea- how to propigate stems...

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If I pinch off the top will the bottom grow a new sprout?
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uh oh...

The plant already hit the surface and changed to emersed form while I was out of town and I clipped it off. Do you mean that now the base will only put out emersed form leaves, even though I clipped it 6" below the water line? or is it only the top portion that has the emersed form leaves won't change BACK if I submerge it-

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Do us a favor, do not spread this weed anywhere:icon_frow
It's illegal and should not be in the trade.
Trades amongst hobbyists in aquariums is one thing, but not any vendors that ship to the USA.

Most aquarist do not keep it long as the growth rate is intense, and then it over takes the tank and requires a larger tank to keep.
It's the pond hobby that keeps bring it in and causing potential weed issues.

It can become as bad as Water hyacinth FYI, and that's extremely bad in CA, and most of the gulf states.

Tom Barr
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