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Ayrock's Planted Fluval Edge 12 Gallon

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Tore down my old 12 gallon setup last week, just starting rebuild. I recently moved into a new place, and am setting up a new tank design!

My goal is to see good plant growth, then introduce a small schooling fish and possibly RCS. My last build housed my cardinal tetras, I'm not set on a specific fish for this tank yet. We'll see when we get there!

I also have an underwater 'tree' planned out of some driftwood and tied-on java moss. But haven't found the java I want to buy yet.

Tank Specs
Fluval Edge 12 gallon
Fluval OEM 5W light (I had the stock one die to wetness in splashing into the light over time)
Aquatop D2HT-200 Aquarium Heater Digital Dual Display, 200-Watt

Listed from bottom to top:
Bacter 100 and Tourmaline BC from ADA Nature Aquariums
CaribSea Eco-Complete, Black
Flourite Black Sand

Current Plantscape
Dwarf Hairgrass
Narrowleaf Chain Sword

Attached is an image of my planned aquascape. Right now areas A, B, and C all contain the DHG - I'm looking to eventually contain it to area B, and introduce more background plants in C and D. Area X is designated for my tree placement, once I get the java moss and create the piece. And finally, I'd like to get a foreground bed of baby tears in zone A.

I'd really like to incorporate some deep red colors into this aquascape. Hopefully I can get my hands on Rotala Rotundifolia (Indicia).

I own a CO2 setup I'm looking to introduce to the tank this weekend. Tank, regulator, and diffuser. Today I ordered a drop checker. I plan to set it up when the new drop checker arrives in the mail.

Questions Going Forward
Some things I'm looking for suggestions for / doing research on:
  1. Modifications / 3rd party replacements I can use to increase light in this tank
  2. Best solution for modifying / replacing the filter. I think I'd like to introduce a small canister filter to this tank, but I'd like to maintain the current hood.
  3. Species of red plants I can introduce to this setup
  4. Tips on growing DHG. Mine is currently slightly brown - right now I'm hoping this is due to shipping or shock of being in a new tank. Hope to see green growth in the coming weeks.

Let me know your thoughts! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


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DHG = trim & add pressurized co2. with DHG I would have suggested a dry start but the sword(?) is in there
and remove those rocks in the corner as well IMO (up 2 u)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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