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I just bought myself 9 Beckford's pencilfish, and they're acting quite a bit like little kids!
One of them got separated and just stayed in the corner, following after any fish that it saw for a few inches, then zipping back to the corner. Maybe it's just me, but he was reminding me of some lost little kid going "Are you my mommy? No... Are you my mommy?"
And when they saw my large-but-gentle pearl gourami, they all crowded together, then several of them started nudging two of the larger pencils towards the pearl, until they scooted over and investigated. That just seemed to be something little kids would do...
Even the way they act is reminding me of kids! They sort of scoot around, poking into everything and following the danios around, but if someone moves towards them, they sort of scoot into a tight little school. Cute!
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