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average prices of equipment in lfs

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Im looking at tossing my 29s and finally setting up a 90.
What are the prices of a reg 90 in your area?
The cheapest I have found was $199 for black trim, and black silicone.
If thats an ok deal, great. If not I can drive elsewhere if it seems to be high.
I plan on having a hanging canopy. I will however need a stand...
Ive debated on building one, or finding someone with the space and tools to build it for me. Most of the stands I see in my area are $175 or so.
For those who have diy'ed their stands how much did you end up spending?
Also, Id like to use my 2213, and 2215 for my filters on the 90. Is that going to be enough?

Thanks. Lastly, anyone know of good shops around binghamton ny, syracuse ny or possibly the scranton pa area?
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Any reason you are going for a 90 and not a 75gal? Standard 90 is just a 75, but taller - and most fish don't really appreciate the extra height. We don't carry 90's on a regular basis but 75's go for $120.
Well, Basically I dont want to be constantly trimming my plants. I want to grow some monster swords too :). Plus im 6'7" so i can reach into a 90 on a 30" stand with ease. I need to see some scapes of 75's and 90's to see whats really possible. As far as lighting goes.. Hopefully if the WAF passes im going with mh pendants. Otherwise Im thinking hanging t5 fixture, or Since I will have 4x55 wat ah supply kit from my other tanks.. I will build a wooden enclosure and hang those. (might need another 2x55)

Thanks, the nerd
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