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OK, so I'm new to planted tanks, though I have been keeping fish for a number of years, and figured I'd give real plants a try. I have a 29 gallon (L30 x W12 x H18) that i was hoping to use.

The thing is that it isn't very wide, so there's not a whole lot of room for increasing plant height from front to back.
And I don't want to have it just become a mass of taller plants.

I really enjoy the aesthetic of the Iwagumi tanks, but I don't feel that style would work too well given the height of my tank.

So in order to utilize that height, I was thinking of using some fishing line to suspend some rocks above the floor of the tank, to replicate the floating mountains of the movie Avatar. I could then attach some Java Moss on the tops, and have the bottom of the tank planted with a mixture of Java Ferns and Java Moss to make it look like a jungle. I was planning to wrap the fishing line with cotton string and let that green a bit so it looks like the vines from the movie.

Can you guys think of any reason this wouldn't work?

Again, I'm new to this and would greatly appreciate the help.
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Thanks for the examples. I do plan to start a journal once I move. I'm still up in PA right now, heading down to Florida for college in early September. If all goes well I should be able to start the second week in September.
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