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automatic waterchange system?

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build me 30 20gal long rimless tanks
20 40gal long rimless tanks

build racks for whole set and also hook me up with automatic water change

how much would it cost?
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Anything is possible for the right price.

The question is, what's the right price? IOW, what have you got budgeted?

Part of the fun of planted tanks is the whole DIY aspect. Are you asking what it would cost to do this yourself, or pay someone else to do it for you?
The fact you're looking at 50 tanks altogether, are you looking to start your own fish/plant/invert company?
Considering the number of tanks you want, you should consider purchasing fixtures sold for pet stores.

A quick search pulls up D.A.S Pet Store Fixtures (

Here's the link to their freshwater fixtures:

You have to email them for pricing information.
Most of the "pet store systems" are crap. They are also over priced.

What I would do is just build them in with a sump/central filter and then you can do water changes on the sump. Drilling the tanks is the way to go, but will get costly after a while of burning through bits on 50 tanks.

Also, pet store setups are designed to "look good" while cramming as many tanks in as possible. If it was me I'd want more room on top and around them than those racks provide. I can't imagine if you're putting 50 tanks in your house your goal is for it look perfect. E
Since you're looking for "rimless" tanks, generic pet store fixtures are out.

However, to give you an idea what may be involved, look at the plumbing schematic from their brochure (towards bottom of page):

These are some pretty cool rimless tanks (just for inspiration):

Basically, you need to find someone on here that has a well-designed auto-changing system, then scale that up with extra plumbing and valving.

Bottom line: Keep your tanks "compartmentalized" -- that is, no more than 4-6 tanks coupled together to increase biological filtration system size. [6x 20G coupled together equals 120G total biological filtration size / 4x 40G coupled together equals 160G total biological filtration size] Coupling all 50 tanks together could spell disaster if one tank gets a diseased plant or fish. Breaking down into smaller systems means fewer tanks will be affected.
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I would honestly not spend the money necessary on rimless tanks for what sounds like a basic rack type system.

If you aren't going to hook them all together, I would run them on sponge filters and a blower pump. The cost associated with 15 sump systems is going to get out of hand VERY quick.
For the water change system alone:

To setup 1400 gallons of aquarium, you're talking some serious bucks.
Weekly water change requirements:
25% = 350 gallons
50% = 700 gallons

Or break that down to a daily schedule
25% weekly = 50 gallons a day
50% weekly = 100 gallons a day

A huge issue is what kind of water do you need? If you can just run tap-water system with a feeder of dechlorination fluid, I bet you could get that rig going for a few hundred bucks. Plus the cost of tanks & stands.

If you need soft to very soft water... you'll be looking at $500-1000. Plus the cost of tanks and stand

For my 72 gallon tank's Auto W.C. system, I spent about $500 to do a nice setup.

Automatic water change system – DI/RO + tap water (lots of large pics)
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Ballpark figures (pulling costs out of thin-air):

30x 20G rimless @ $100 each = $3000
20x 40G rimless @ $150 each = $3000

Cost of tanks alone (no filtration systems) around $5-6K.

Add another $2-3K for the filtration systems & plumbing. Now you're up to $7-9K.

Add another $2-3K for stands/racks for 50 tanks. Will cost more if you want the tanks standing individually and not stacked over each other. Now we're topping $10K.

And we haven't even discussed substrates and other niceties for displayable tanks. (You do want them on display, since you're looking for rimless.)

So, ballpark figure: $10K or more.
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U can check out my build... 72 tanks and auto water changer. Right at 15grand. Not done yet.
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