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I've been thinking about and planning a fishroom for a long time. About a year ago we moved into a home where I plan to stay for a long time. So it was time to put the planning into action and turn my garage into a fishroom! I thought I'd share with you some of what I've done.

My hope is to meet some other DIY'ers and hopefully connect with some people in my area who raise fish and plants.

I decided to do a constant drip water change system with 1/2" overflows going into a 1" drainage system. I bought a glass cutting hole saw and a bunch of 1/2" bulkheads. Fresh clean well water is constantly dripping into each tank and overflowing out into my yard.

The drip system for intake is very much like the air system, except with 1/2"PVC. I use the same tap and die and the same small valves.

I came into the garage with PEX and switched to PVC. I also have a hose bib in the room, which is great!

This picture above shows part of both the air and water systems--1/2"=water, 3/4"=air.

Here are some pictures of the bulkheads and 1/2" overflow pipes

I found that the 1/2" pvc drains coming off the aquariums fit great loosely into 1" fittings. So basically the water drips in to the tanks, overflows (at a constant trickle) into 1/2" pvc, which fits loosely into a 1" system which goes outside.

I ran the 1" PVC outside and into a 55 gallon drum. This goes to a hose and waters the trees!

You can see my turtles in the last one.

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i can see the pics... looks awfully messy :(
I really don't understand posts like the one I quoted above. The OP obviously put a lot of time and effort into setting up his fishroom. You've not congratulated him on his effort, asked questions about how or why he set things up the way he did or offered any suggestions for how his set up might be improved. You just criticized it. How do you think that helped the OP or anyone reading this thread? *sigh*

Nice work, tommy_v. I've always wondered how overall water consumption changes (if at all), when one converts to an automatic drip system. I don't know if you have compared before and after water use, but if you have, did you find you used about the same amount of water, more water or less water with the automatic drip system.

Thanks for sharing!
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