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Well, I'm hoping there are DIY junkies out there to help me. I imagine this thread will take a while to develop, as I'm starting with a concept and don't know too many specifics yet.

Here's the big picture I need help with.

I want to make hard water, using an infusion system to mineralize my existing water.

What I have is well water that comes out the ground:
  • essentially no mineral content (KH 0, GH 0)
  • highly infused with CO2 and therefore ungassed is pH 5.5-6 ish (outgassed it's 7.0)
  • nitrate content consistently in the 10 ppm range (farm runoff)

That water is then put through a treatment of metered, infused sodium carbonate (Na2Co3) to buffer the pH to around 7.0 (this, not outgassed)

The above treatment also results in tap water of KH 5 and I can measure the TDS but haven't done so yet, if need be.

So what I want to do is take from the treated water stream and treat again, to make a constant source of "hard" water that would run:
  • pH 7.2 +/- 0.2
  • KH 5-10
  • GH 5-10

The first treatment is done by infusion of a saturated sodium carbonate solution that is injected via peristaltic pump into the water stream. There is pulse water meter that feeds into an electronic control unit that tells the peristaltic pump when and how much to infuse into the untreated water stream. The peristaltic pump is adjustable pump rate and has to be hand calibrated such that the pulse rate specified by the pulse water meter, coupled with the adjustment on the peristaltic pump, result in the desired water parameters.

I want to do the same thing to add Ca and Mg (read: use a solution of driveway heat - calcium chloride - and epsom salts - magnesium sulfate...) to the water stream, hopefully. I'm thinking maybe a barrel of saturated Ca/Mg solution can be infused into the ALREADY Na2CO3 treated water to "make" custom, consistent "hard" water.

I'm imagining I need a peristaltic pump like the stenner on the existing system, a flow water meter, and electronic control unit. I need help picking them out.

I need help figuring out if I can make a barrel of feed solution that will inject into my Na2CO3-treated water to end up with the custom water described above.

I don't need to use the treated water if need be; I also have the option of using the untreated water as starter stock.

So, any takers on helping me brainstorm this? I can do plumbing and "stuff," quite well, just need help thinking through the hardware and chemistry.

For starters, I'm looking at this place for the DLJ-50 meter to use.

I'm thinking stenner peristaltic pump, plus some sort of pulse control module such as this.

Anyone want to help me with opinions? I'm open to ideas and sources!

Thanks to the brave souls who made it through my note, here.
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