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attempted platy suicide

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Looked at the tank this morning before cleaning and water change and found a red wag male platy laying on the concrete floor beside the tank! Went to get him and flush him assuming he was dead since he was dirty and looked like he was on the verge of being jerky and he started jumping around. chucked him back in the tank dirt and all and he's hanging out eating with the rest of the fish! A little beat up but glad to be alive from the looks of it.
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i love stories like these. :) i had a friend whos california gar jumped out 4 times.. he survived 3 times, even tho he was out of the tank for a night! the last time he jumped out tho they (owners) had gone for christmas (3days) came back and he was dead.. they tried reviving him, but it was to late. he was a huge fish tho.. and beautiful! about as thick as my upper arm :) he was so cool to feed too *snap* :D

good job on keeping this guy alive!

Put a lid on that tank! :D
Ha! There is a lid on it, only open space is the 1 inch by 5 inch or so where HOB filter is at so i'm hoping it was pretty random. I lost a fat 7 inch Kuli loach about 5 years ago the same way, tank was a jungle so i didn't know he was missing until i was cleaning underneath the dresser the tank was on and found a piece of jerky. Took me a little while to figure out what it was. :( He was such a good loach...
that is sad i had a angle fish that did the same he died
I had a Harlequin Rasbora that jumped while i fed them, and didn't fall on the floor but on the semi open glass lid my 10G tank has...when i realized it, it was too it sucked.

Glad you could rescue that Platy!
I used to have a pond with paradise fish/gourami in it yeeears ago. One day I went out and found one of the fish on the ground. Pavement, with maybe a 2' drop. Sucker was still alive and I scooped him back into the pond.

Later we moved them into a 29G tank inside, and he would still jump out sometimes. But he always made it. Crazy fish.
I have a little royal endler that was found in the filtration medium inside the filter, he had been missing for about 4-5 days. He was gray and colorless and looked like part of his body had rotted away. He was still wiggling though and I put him back in the tank and now he is swimming and eating and is as vibrant as the others.:D
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