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Attaching plants

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I know this has already been answered but I can't find it. I have an Anubias Barteri and have read that they can be attached to a piece of driftwood. How do I do that? And what do I use?? :icon_conf
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You can use thread, fishing line and even rubber bands. I prefer the clear thread because you can't see it.

I attach all my anubias and Java fern to rocks (often reddish jasper, which contrasts nicely with the various shades of green). Lately I've used cotton string to lightly tie the plant in place, but I've also used rubber bands. Sometimes I position two rocks (or more) together and trap a few of the plant roots gently between or under them -- but not the main root (rhizome) from which the leaves spring, it stays out, near the rock, to give it the idea that it should grow some roots to attach to the rock. And eventually the plants do so. It does take time (plant time, not human time) :)
I use fishing line. You can't see it, it doesn't disintegrate and It's easy to snip and pull out in a couple weeks when the roots take hold.
Tailored Aquatics has a product called Aqua Glue that I'd love to try. Lots saltwater people use it to attach frags, but apparently you can use it for plants as well.

I've used fishing line, and hairnets...I find both to be quite cumbersome depending on the shape of your driftwood.
Super glue works great. It bonds quickly and holds for long enough for the roots to grab on before dissolving.
I use black tie straps. they usually do not show and they hold great. It is also easier to just use them as apposed to trying to tie something around them.
I use the small lead ties that come with bunch plants. One hell of a lot less fiddling around than fishing wire and rubber bands, and won't deteriorate. Not quite as pretty though.
I use glue as well - fake nail glue. It's the same as super glue.
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