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Hi all,

I have been learning a lot in the past few and I am very excited to share it with everybody! The name of our tank is Atlantis because it is the embodiment of plant and animal life! We are proud members of Method’s classroom, and plan to continue to strive within it! We picked our group just the way it was because we knew that we would be able to cooperate, make improvements, handle the responsibility, and show what it means to be an aquarist. We still have a long way to go, but we know for sure that we laid down the foundation for greatness in Method’s Aquarium Science Classroom. In our ten-gallon tank we have:


Substrate- Black Diamond blasting sand
Water Heater- Aqueon Pro 50 W
Filter- Aqua Clear 20
Tank Capacity- Ten Gallons


Black Skirt Tetras
Sunburst Platys


Java Moss
Java Fern
Water Wisteria
Vallisneria American

Whats our plan for the future?
-We plan to fill our tanks with as many plants our tank can hold, and get our (my groups) hands on two Corydoras catfish! Come to think of it, it would be nice to have a freshwater pipefish as well.:smile2:

I am partners with*update*-whats-been-going-methods-classroom.html
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