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Selling juvenile moscow guppy with blue grass mosaic genes. The ones I'm selling range from 2-4 months old.

Random assorted
3 +1 moscow guppys for 25$ shipped (unless specify what gender you want +3$)

Random assorted
6 +3 moscow guppys for 35$ shipped (unless specify what gender you want +3$) with 1 free plant package!!! 2 more sets available

extra guppy included for doa (rare)

willing to trade guppy package for 1 or 2 any types of bucephalandra

SellingHALF my tanks worth of plants!
Plant package:
Stargrass 20+ stem
Rotala indica 15+ stem
Hydrocotyl sp japan 2x3
crypt willisii (at least 4-5 leaves)
Narrow leaf Microsword 2 small clumps
2 blyxa (medium sized)
30$ shipped
(will include extras of other plants)

Or selling all my plants for 45 shipped (I have tons..)

Be willing to trade all plants for 2 or 3 any types of bucephalandra or multiple golfballs of flame/willow moss

Pm if interested :)


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