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Does an aquarium have an upper limit to its value? I was considering getting a big tank (over 40 gal) and seeing if it could be a project I do while I wait on my 20g ecosphere to mature. my costa rica trip got canceled but my mom said she would make it up to me. If I was doing it cheaply, (no co2 no aquasoil) just a nice npt with flood lights most likely, how large Of an aquarium could I do with around 1000$ including fish and plants and maintenance for several months.

Looks like a 125 (brand new no stand) is about 500$ if I can construct a cheap stand with cinder blocks it would cost roughly 600$ for tank and stand. This gives me a lot of wiggle room because lighting would be maybe another 100$ for like 30000 lumens. Plus I would sunlight it. No way I would require all this lighting too, but 300$ seems reasonable if I go for cheap fast plants and nice but Cheap fish.

Honestly a 75 sounds more reasonable for 3 reasons, 1. It’s cheaper 2. I can do is penninsula in my room and it won’t implode the floor and 3. I have a huge window. All I gotta do to see if I can put a 75g there is get my whole family to stand where I want it and jump up and down which seems easy enough. I can stand under my 40g (it’s 50 gal) and I weight like 200 lbs so that’s about 750 lbs

Only 175$ now that’s a deal for me

Time to ask my mom if I can get one
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