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At Forest's Gate - My 25 liter scape

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I've had a thread going over on APC for a while now where you can see the set up stages and progression so far, but I thought I would post some pics here for you to see.

APC Thread:

The scape is based on the transition between open plains and dense forest with an entrance/path. I've tried to make the planting scheme look as wild as possible when it all fills in, and plants are already growing over each other. The Hydrocotyl gives a nice different look to some areas of the scape too IMO.

I am planning to let the moss cover the parts of wood it's attached to, as well as a light covering over the rocks hopefully. The Mayacca should grow almost to the top of the tank, leaning over, giving the impression of the dense forest look.

Basic Specs are:

Tank: 25l round cornered AquaOne tank
Light: 24w of light via Interpet compact T5 (9 hrs daily)
CO2: JBL Profi 2 CO2 (the solenoid one!) @ 1bps
Filter: Elite Mini internal stuffed with floss
Substrates: ADA Aquasoil Malaya with silver sand at the front
Ferts: ADA Brighty K (1.25ml daily), Brighty Spec Lights (not started yet), and Step1 (not started yet)
Plants: A lot!!
Fish: None yet!!

The tank has been running only 12 days but it's filling really nicely already (especially the glosso!). See what you think, and if you've got any C&C to give then please do!!!

Thanks for looking,

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Really nice start. You have done some really nice rock work. It looks quite natural. I can't wait to see the plants fill in.
That looks awesome!!!!
Sorry I haven't updated this much. I have just entered this tank into the PFK competition, and soon I will do the AGA too.

The pics:

These final shots are nearly a month old now (now on day 71), so bits and pieces have changes since then but I've had quite a big trim recently so new pics maybe in a week or so which I hope will go to AGA.

Hope you like :D

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Your a patient person w/ all that Riccia! I couldn't stand the maintenance once it grew out...

All Java moss?

Where's the fish!! :)
It's wierd, but most of the Riccia just lays flat like on the left hand side (maybe shaded?), and some shoots upwards and needs regular trimming. Not too bad though. I have to say the moss seems harder to control. I have some Java moss, some Xmas moss and another seemingly more compact moss but still looked like the Xmas.

The fish....? lol they like hiding! Well I'm having trouble getting a decent shutter speed on the camera so you might see the odd grey blur of Emerald Eye Rasboras in there somewhere!

I've done new pics which are slightly better, but the Didiplis diandra and Mayacca fluviatilis still have a bit of growing to do.

Thanks for the comment,

Any more comments/criticism?

Your tank is beautiful! You are very talented. :)
superb job!!
Simply Wonderful work! :thumbsup:
Experienced aquascapers never will use riccia again :)

Riccia - beautiful, wonderful extraordinary plant BUT the problem is maintenance.

More photos please!
Thanks for your comments.

As requested:

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I like it. It's got a lush thirst quenching look to it.

How you grow your moss so pristine is beyond me.

how old is the tank now? what kind of time do you use pruning, cleaning etc.?

the hydroc. and riccia are timeconsumers...

you've done a good job no matter what. I don't know if you should've placed the driftwood more to one side, to hit the old golden rule, or if it's dead on, but you've drawn some greatlines with the braches..

keep it up, and stick with what you're doing.
Super job, Tom.

Not too long to wait the the PFK contest results...

Keep an eye on the PFK website blog. I've written a small feature that should appear next week, hopefully.

My CO2 blog may interest you too.

Keep up the good work. You're doing the UK proud!
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